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We are honored to inform you that the president of our Japanese parent company, Daiwa Pharmaceutical, from which all of our 100% natural and patented products originate, has been honored by the Emperor of Japan for his lifetime achievement in the global pharmaceutical industry.

Congratulations and we look forward to more outstanding and quality products in 2023.

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"In 2021, I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. I was offered chemo, surgery, radiotherapy, and immunotherapy to eradicate it. Following my physician's recommendation, I started taking ImunoBran every morning and evening to strengthen my immune system and reduce the adverse effects of the chemo. I truly felt the benefits of ImunoBran on my physical condition. Having read several studies about ImunoBran, and with the recommendation of a friend, I continued taking ImunoBran during the whole treatment for one year.

At the end of the treatment, the cancer markers were normal, and my physician was very pleased with the results. Therefore, I believe that ImunoBran optimized results in cancer treatment.

Thus, I will continue to take ImunoBran as a preventive measure and boost my immunity system."

Ioana, Luxembourg 2023

In 2021 I was hospitalised for Covid 19. My condition was very serious also because I am an oncology patient, prostate. For three weeks I was breathing with the help of a respirator. That's when I tried ImunoBran for the first time. The doctor himself was surprised by the results, as my immunity increased. I took 3 sachets a day for a month and 1 sachet a day for the second month as a preventive measure. I myself felt that I was not tired and exhausted like before. I take a lot of medicines and vitamins every day, so it suits me that ImunoBran is also available in powder form.

I personally recommend ImunoBran to all people who have an immunity problem or who are ill.

Thank you ImunoBran and thanks to you I can still be here with my family.

John 75 years old, 2022

At the age of 70 and in the middle of a pandemic, I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. I was offered surgery, chemo and radiotherapy to eradicate this cancer. As soon as my illness was announced, I took ImunoBran morning and evening, while waiting for the operation, in order to strengthen my immune system and give myself the best possible chance of recovery. After the operation I continued to take ImunoBran morning and evening. In the meantime, my partner contracted Covid 19 (she was vaccinated), with a lot of fever and fatigue, despite all the precautions, I was contaminated (positive Covid test) but thanks to the strong immunity developed thanks to ImunoBran, I didn't have any fever, only a runny nose for 3 days. Since then I continue to take ImunoBran in my morning orange juice as a preventive measure. My regular tests and examinations are good. Taking ImunoBran regularly is largely responsible for this. 

Hubert 70 years old, France 2022

Premium Immune System Support

Our missions and visions

Our vision is to help people live healthy lives and enhance their overall well-being by applying the principles of bioscience while respecting the laws of nature. We call this vision "Quality of Life". Guided by our vision, we offers superior products derived through our proprietary research and development of unique functional ingredients and by finding new applications for beneficial microorganisms.

A healthy lifestyle is not a cliché.

However, according to Professor Ghoneum, who is the author of our MGN-3 patent, the patient's lifestyle is also extremely important:

"The first thing patients need to understand is that no matter how smart the surgeon, immunologist or oncologist is, no one is going to solve their problem 100% if the patient is not willing to give up the bad habits that caused their disease. Whether it's stress levels, diet or an inappropriate lifestyle."

Quality of life - we connect people with nature through bioscience

Humans as Part of Nature

We believe that it is of the utmost importance to trust in nature, with which we must coexist, and we believe that the body's natural healing power provides the foundation necessary to improve improper physical condition. This represents the starting point of the principle of "Holistic Medicine", which enhances immunity and increases our natural healing power. With this principle spreading throughout the world, Holistic Medicine represents the origin of our activities and mission.

Responsibility begins with Japanese manufacturing

We are working to popularize holistic medicine in cooperation with a number of organizations, including the "Japan Association for Alternative, Complementary, and Traditional Medicine", the "Japan Holistic Medicine Society", the "Japan Functional Food Research Association", and the "Nippon Mibyou System Association".

ImunoBran - BioBran

Customer reviews

At the beginning of 2023, I was scheduled to have an operation. I started taking ImunoBran - 4 tablets a day before the planned operation and continued after the operation. This was not my first operation, so I can compare how the recovery was before and now. I can confirm that with ImunoBran, the wound healed faster after the operation and I was able to return to a normal life without complications.

Gabriela 46 years old, Luxembourg 

I have been using ImunoBran 1000 since September 2018. I have had bile duct cancer for 5 and a half years. The oncologist only says that the life expectancy with this kind of cancer, is maximum 30 months. I am still living... I feel that ImunoBran is helping me to fight the disease. The strengthening of the immune system is a key point for many diseases.

Mary, France 

ImunoBran was recommended to me by a friend when I had a papillomavirus that started to develop into cervical cancer. There is no cure at this stage, you just have to wait and see what your body does. I started taking ImunoBran three sachets a day for three months. After 15 years, I do not have HPV or cervical cancer. I believe in ImunoBran. I have been taking ImunoBran regularly ever since. It's like a ritual for me that protects me from Covid and other viruses. I don't get sick and I don't get tired. Thank you to my friend for the recommendation.

Sisa 45 years old, Luxembourg 2022

In the spring of 2022, I started taking ImunoBran powder - 1 sachet a day, for school exams, to avoid being sick and tired. On top of that, I was bothered by allergies. After stopping the ImunoBran therapy, my allergies even improved, I don't have as strong symptoms to herbs and pollen as in the previous years. I breathed better, my eyes were no longer red and I sneezed less. My eyes did not itch as much during the day and I was less tired thanks to ImunoBran.

Georges 18 years old, Luxembourg 2022

Why choose ImunoBran?

Effective for the Immune System

ImunoBran® MGN-3 is able to increase NK cell activity by as much as 300% in just a couple of weeks, whilst T and B cell activity are increased by 200% and 150% respectively. Research has also shown that it can help significantly boost natural antibody production, as well as other parameters of the immune system. 

Natural and GMO-Free

ImunoBran® MGN-3 is a natural food supplement made from rice bran and the enzymes of the shitake mushroom. It is not a drug, a synthetic chemical or genetically modified.

Other Benefits

Research shows that ImunoBran® MGN-3 also has anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidant scavenging activity, as well as the ability to improve glucose tolerance, enhance pancreatic and liver function, reduce the adverse effects of chemotherapy, and improve general quality of life.


ImunoBran® MGN-3 has been clinically shown to be completely non-toxic, even in extremely high doses. It is also safe for children and infants (intake scaled down by body weight).

No Contraindications

ImunoBran® MGN-3 has no contraindications except, obviously, when taken in conjunction with immuno-suppressants. Hundreds of thousands of people have taken it over the years without any problem, it also has NO laxative effect.

Easily Absorbed

ImunoBran® MGN-3 taken orally is very easily assimilated into the body through the normal processes of absorption in the intestines.

You can verify the effectiveness of our products by performing complete blood tests before and after taking ImunoBran®.

By filling in the form, you will receive a 10% discount on your first order. 

Shipping and packaging are free. Thank you for your interest.

High quality products

A unique and patented food supplement. 

ImunoBran® MGN-3 Evidence Based Immunomodulator

Non-toxic arabinoxylan food supplement (or functional food) made from breaking down rice bran with enzymes from the Shitake mushroom. It has been clinically proven to help powerfully enhance depleted immune systems, making it an ideal food supplement for those with immune systems compromised by disease and/or toxic treatments.

ImunoBran® MGN-3 is manufactured to the exacting standards of Daiwa Pharmaceutical in Japan - the developers of ImunoBran® MGN-3 - and conforms to both the stringent Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare standards as well as the European and US food standards.

We have prepared an e-Book for you (in French):


All the information about ImunoBran® is summarized in an e-Book, which you can get for free HERE.

Is ImunoBran® MGN-3 an immune booster or an immunomodulator?

ImunoBran® MGN-3 is an immunomodulator, it does not artificially boost the immune system. As a consequence, those who benefit most from taking it are those with weak immune systems. Modulators are much safer than boosters or stimulants because they bring biological parameters to balance rather than pushing up specific parameters at the expense of others, which causes side-effects.

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Answers to the questions we often have from you:

Q: How much ImunoBran® should I take and when? 

As the body does not build up a resistance to ImunoBran® over time, this food supplement can safely and effectively be taken over an extended period of time, and without the necessity of slowly increasing the dosage as with other immunomodulators.

Most research into ImunoBran® has been conducted using 30 to 45mg/kg/day in a divided dose with meals, with maintenance doses down to 15mg/kg/day. A dosage of at least 500mg a day should be taken for general health maintenance (unless potentised with yeast); for more serious immune support (such as in the case of arthritis, diabetes, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and other infections) the recommended 

dosage should be 1000mg a day; and for serious conditions where the immune system is severely compromised (such as with cancer or AIDS) 3g per day is recommended for 1 month and then 1g per day thereafter.

ImunoBran® should always be taken after food (ideally, 30 minutes after) and larger daily intakes should be divided into three portions and taken with breakfast, lunch and dinner. If the person taking the compound is very ill, they can stay on the 3g per day intake for an extended period.

Apart from the case of general health maintenance, we always recommend that your doctor be informed that you are taking this supplement, so that he or she can integrate it into your treatment program. Intake for an extended period.

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