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Book ImunoBran® - English language
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Book ImunoBran® - Langue Anglaise
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    Spencer Bright: ImunoBran and the fight to boost the immune system. Immunomodulation and its benefits for cancer patients.

    Foreword by Dr. Anthony Soyer M.B., B.S.

    With case studies

    When we ask ourselves the question "What is health?" we are usually faced with a wide range of answers, each as bewildering as the next. If fitness is not health, we feel that there is a hidden truth behind the idea. The fitness of the immune system is an integral part of our health. Without an active immune system, cellular defences (the white blood cell system that protects us) are dormant. It is therefore on the reawakening of the cellular defence mechanisms that scientists have turned their attention and are now focusing. The extreme increase in the rate of cancers of all types has required innovation, invention and investment in deepening our knowledge of immunity. It has become imperative to create practical methods to help and improve immune function. Our level of immunity, i.e. the way our immune system is activated, depends on the quality and quantity of nutrients in our diet, as well as the amounts of pollutants in our body. People with weak or slow immune systems are more likely to develop diseases, including cancer, because the body is less able to defend itself against them. When the strength of the immune system is dependent on external factors, the body is less able to defend itself,...

    • Cancer case studies
    • What do doctors say?
    • Increasing NK-cell activity in cancer patients,...

    You can read more about this in our book.

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