Pet IMUNE (30 sachets) 2 pcs


Pet IMUNE has been developed as a natural glyconutritional supplement to support your pet's optimal health by strengthening their immune system. Pet IMUNE contains ImunoBran® - a patented Arabinoxylan compound, which has been successfully used for years to improve the weakened immune system in humans. It is produced from rice bran which is enzymatically broken down into small molecules for optimal absorption.


Net Weight: 30g in the form of 30 x 1g sachets.

This pack contains 2 pieces of Pet IMUNE (30 sachets).

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Strengthens your pet's immune system

Contains ImunoBran® - a patented arabinoxylate MGN-3 compound

How Pet IMUNE works:

Pet IMUNE stimulates the immune system by increasing the activity of lymphocytes - B cells, T cells and especially natural killer (NK) cells. B cells produce antibodies, while T and NK cells destroy cells infected with viruses or bacteria, as well as cells that have become cancerous. A single NK cell in optimal condition can kill up to 27 cancer cells in its lifetime.

Product information:

Each sachet contains: 250 mg of MGN-3 composed of arabinoxylane - active ingredient.

Packaging available: 30 sachets in a box.

Ingredients: Phyto-polysaccharide (ImunoBran®), Dextrin / Microcrystalline cellulose, Modified starch, Tricalcium phosphate

Country of origin: Japan.


Store in a cool, dry place. This food supplement should be kept out of reach of young children.


Do not use this food supplement if you are also taking medicines that suppress the immune system.

We will be happy to advise you on the dosage of Pet IMUNE as a supplementary treatment in case of illness or convalescence, or as basic support during the year.

Main advantages:

  • Easily absorbed

Pet IMUNE is very easily absorbed by the body through the normal absorption processes in the intestines.

  • Fast acting

The immune-enhancing effects of Pet IMUNE are apparent in just a few days, and it takes only a few days for immunomodulation to be effective.

  • Not hypersensitive

There is no loss of effectiveness as with most other supplements and immunomodulators. This means that Pet IMUNE can be very effective in the long term.

  • Natural and non-GMO

Pet IMUNE is a natural food supplement made from rice bran and the enzymes of the Shiitake mushroom. It is not a drug, a synthetic chemical or a genetically modified product.

  • Non-toxic

Pet IMUNE has been clinically proven to be completely non-toxic, even at extremely high doses (reduced intake based on body weight).

  • Confirmed by research

The Arabinoxylan compound in rice bran has been (and continues to be) the focus of scientific and clinical research in Japan, the USA and Europe.

  • High quality manufacturing

Pet IMUNE is manufactured to the highest standards in our Japanese factory.

Additional information (per pack):

Metabolisable energy         264kcal/100g

Crude protein                       max. 2%

Ether extract                        max.0.2%

Crude fibre                           min.19%

Crude ash                             min.5%

Moisture                               min.7%

Recommended dose:

For best results, add 1 sachet per 5kg of body weight daily and mix with your pet's food.

The recommended daily intake should not be exceeded.

A nutritional supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Please note that Pet IMUNE is a food supplement, not a medicine. It is an effective part of another treatment.

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