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ImunoBran and the fight to strengthen the immune system (English)

ImunoBran = BioBran is the safest and most effective supplement for boosting immune function. 

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Developed by Daiwa Pharmaceutical in Japan, this rice bran arabinoxylan compound is manufactured using enzymes from the Shiitake mushroom, and has been thoroughly researched by immunologist Dr. Ghoneum of the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, Los Angeles, who has stated that the compound is the most effective immunomodulator that he has ever tested.

This book tells the story of ImunoBran = BioBran and how it is helping many thousands of people around the world in their quest for health and wholeness.

"We enjoy the age of wellness and longevity in 21st century partly thanks to the supplements. The forerunner of them is ImunoBran = BioBran , a gift of Japanese wisdom of living, made from rice bran. ImunoBran = BioBran is a potent immunoregulator and provides versatile strategies in fighting life-style related diseases, especially cancer and ageing."

Dr. Yuzo Endo, MD, PhD, Hamamatsu University Medical School, Department of Pathology

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