Underestimated immunity


Today, every time we open a magazine or turn on the television, we hear about IMMUNITY. Do we really believe what is said everywhere, written everywhere? Do we even think about prevention when we are well? We don't even need it...... until we have serious problems. Do we really want to wait? Is it worth it?


The immune system plays an important role in a person's life. 

The role of the immune system

The basic role of the immune system is to distinguish its own cells from foreign cells. It consists mainly of white blood cells, lymph nodes and immune organs. This can be called non-specific immunity, which is innate. Another part is specific immunity, which develops during life. It consists of humoral and cellular parts and is only activated after encountering a certain antigen.

Manifestations of weakened immunity

A decrease in immunity is technically called immunodeficiency. A distinction is made between congenital immunodeficiency (so-called primary immunodeficiency), but various influences acquired during life (e.g. metabolic disorders, surgical stress, chemotherapy treatment, AIDS, diabetes) can also be the cause. In this case, it is called secondary immunodeficiency. Congenital immunodeficiencies usually have a more serious course.

The manifestations of the immune system failure depend in many respects on which component of the immune system is damaged. In severe forms of immunodeficiency, the first symptoms may appear at a very early age. These may include umbilical cord discharge, otitis media or pneumonia. A weakened immune system manifests itself outwardly, above all by a reduced resistance to infections. A person is more often ill, suffers from allergies, develops asthma. It can even lead to the development of tumours in the body.

Prevention and support options

Everyone is probably wondering "How do I cope with weakened immunity? It is difficult to find prevention for primary immunodeficiencies. For secondary immunosuppression, an appropriate lifestyle plays an important role. The best way to strengthen immunity is to eat a healthy diet, consume the necessary nutrients in sufficient quantities and get good quality sleep. For example, regular blood sugar control can also be considered as prevention. Smoking, frequent use of medication and high stress levels also have a negative impact. For more tips on boosting immunity, see also the article "How to boost your immunity".

You can effectively support your immune system with various natural substances. For example, try "our safe immunomodulator" ImunoBran® MGN-3. This is the best time to start dosing.

  • For prevention, 1 sachet per day for 15 days is recommended in spring and autumn.
  • For frequent illnesses, 1 sachet per day for 30 days in spring and autumn.
  • If you really need to boost your lazy immune cells, 1 sachet 3 times a day for 15 days is the right choice, then continue with 1 sachet a day if necessary.

Your immunity will be rewarded. Remember that ImunoBran is a patented 100% natural, 100% absorbable product, so your body will not reject a grain of powder, you cannot overdose on ImunoBran and it can be taken long term, ImunoBran has no side effects.