The number of patients diagnosed with breast cancer is increasing daily - a true story


For me, it all started with an ultrasound, or rather with the changes in my breast that I started to notice. I was 58 years old at the time. I can still hear the two words the doctor said at that examination: fibrous, malignant. As the examination was carried out in a private institution, my GP ordered a mammogram. Apart from a small calcification, the result was negative, but a new ultrasound confirmed the first result. The operation took place after the usual examinations, and then it took days to get the result of the histological analysis - positive result. This was followed by 30 sessions of radiation and 5 sessions of hormonal treatment.

The nurses at the radiotherapy centre told me that each patient could have a different reaction to this type of treatment. I was naïve enough to think that it would be like sunbathing in the solarium. Within the first week of therapy I realised how wrong I was - I was tired, nauseous and had lost my appetite, I was dizzy. I hoped that the body would gradually get used to it but it didn't and the more it went on the worse it got. During the second half of the treatment I confided in a friend who recommended the product ImunoBran® MGN-3 which she had good experience with. She recommended me to take higher doses at the beginning: 1st day - 1 sachet of the product every two hours, 2nd day - 5 sachets during the day and from the 3rd day onwards 3 doses per day. By the third day I felt an improvement and by the end of the fourth day I told my friend about it. My course of radiotherapy ended in December 2015 and I spent the whole winter without getting sick. Immunity weakened by the radiotherapy and I am now living my second year post-surgery. So far so good, but I plan to get back on the ImunoBran® MGN-3 so I can avoid the possible complications that could cause illness. I decided to share my story to help others with similar problems.

4 October 2016, Nitra, Slovakia