Strengthen your immunity in summer


You start to go out more often and gradually meet family and friends. However, you should always remember to build up your immunity, as the coronavirus may return in the autumn with increased strength. How can you build up your immunity in summer? Read this article!

Most forecasts indicate a new wave of infections in the autumn, when many infections caused by other viruses and bacteria also occur. In this article, we will tell you how to minimise the risk of contracting the virus and how to increase the likelihood that, if you do catch the disease, it will be mild, with no serious symptoms.

In recent times, we have all been given a crash course in hygiene that will apply for many years, and perhaps forever. We have learned how to eat healthily, or at least we have learned the principles of rational eating. We have learned how to pickle vegetables, bake bread and make sugar-free sweets. However, some of us have forgotten the daily dose of physical activity. The approaching summer is a great opportunity to catch up, oxygenate the body and get some vitamin D, the so-called sunshine vitamin. All this helps to strengthen the body and build immunity for a long time to come!

Summer activities

The current situation encourages us to use our bikes more often. It is considered a much safer mode of travel than public transport. Cycling to work is an excellent dose of daily activity, but you get more benefit from outdoor activities when the air is really clean. It is therefore best to choose green, wooded or seaside areas for jogging, Nordic walking, long bike rides and ball games. These activities not only strengthen your muscles, but also have a positive effect on the efficiency of your lungs. Training the body strengthens the immune system.

The sunshine vitamin

Also take advantage of the sun, as it is under its influence that the skin synthesises vitamin D, which is difficult to supply to the body in sufficient quantities through diet alone. Vitamin D is mainly found in fish such as eel, salmon and mackerel, as well as in eggs and dairy products, but it is present in small quantities. As you know, vitamin D not only influences bone health and the proper functioning of the nervous system, but also helps to strengthen the body's immunity. An increased intake is particularly recommended in autoimmune diseases, diabetes and various types of cancer.

How can I help my gut?

Immunity is closely linked to the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora, and summer is the time when it can be effectively improved. In addition to probiotics such as lacto-fermented vegetables, yoghurt and kefirs, and prebiotics such as garlic or onions, which should be consumed all year round, during the summer we have fresh vegetables and fruit, which have a positive effect on gut health. Eat tomatoes, peppers, beans, sorrel, spinach, blueberries, strawberries, plums. The fibre they contain is good for the intestines, and their vitamins and minerals strengthen the body's defences. Give up unhealthy habits and addictions. Don't smoke or abuse alcohol. Drugs destroy and eliminate vitamins and micro-nutrients, which are essential for a healthy immune system.

It's the height of summer, but keep your distance

The good weather does not exempt you from being responsible for your own health and that of others. Keep your physical distance, wear a mask in closed public spaces such as shops or offices, and follow the instructions of the authorities. Remember that in good weather it is easy to lose your alertness, and we cannot afford to do that.

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