Is it advisable for people with autoimmune diseases to take ImunoBran® MGN-3?


Autoimmune diseases are conditions in which the immune system, having lost the ability to differentiate between self and non-self, attacks the patient's own body. Examples of autoimmune diseases are rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis and Crohn's disease. If the problem is severe, doctors will prescribe immunosuppressants to reduce the severity of the auto-attack. Immunosuppressants are also indicated for organ, tissue or cell transplants to reduce rejection by the immune system. If you are being treated with immunosuppressants, you are strongly advised not to take ImunoBran® MGN-3, or at least not without first consulting your doctor.

One reason for this is that in people with autoimmune diseases, NK cell activity tends to decrease and macrophage numbers tend to fluctuate significantly. In these circumstances, ImunoBran® MGN-3 may help to stimulate NK cell activity and smooth out the fluctuations in macrophage numbers. However, stimulating lymphocyte activity before sufficiently reducing fluctuations may worsen symptoms for about a month after starting ImunoBran® MGN-3. For this reason, it is recommended to start with low doses and increase them gradually, carefully monitoring for symptoms.

The anti-inflammatory effect of ImunoBran® MGN-3 is an additional factor to consider. Dr. Yuzo Endo, a consultant to Daiwa Pharmaceutical, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, tried ImunoBran® MGN-3 on himself. He was so impressed with the results that he began to investigate other aspects of this supplement.