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Have you thought about prevention? Are you ready to start, do you like prevention and do you practice it regularly? For us, it is a solid basis for health.

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Prevention is the avoidance of disease or (in a slightly broader sense) preventive care, i.e. a set of measures (and activities) aimed at preventing diseases, errors, injuries and their consequences and at maintaining, improving and developing optimal health.

Primary prevention

Primary prevention (creative prevention, creative prevention, constructive prevention, first stage prevention) is prevention that focuses on

1. non-specific health promotion, to strengthen the individual's defences and reduce the potential incidence of health disorders

2. hazard-specific, i.e. prophylaxis to reduce the risk of disorders. Vaccination is a typical example.

Secondary prevention

Secondary prevention (secondary prevention, prevention-oriented therapy) is a set of measures aimed at preventing the onset of a disease from which an individual is already suffering, or at preventing the development of a disease or its complications when the disease is at a latent stage or the individual is at risk. Examples include lifestyle changes, banning smoking and alcohol to prevent a new heart attack.

Tertiary prevention

Tertiary prevention is essentially medical rehabilitation.

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