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ImunoBran® = BioBran®

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Prof. Dr. Hegyi Gabriella - Study for cancer patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome

Dr. Brenner - Putting Stress on Immunotherapy Including MGN-3 Compound in Cancer Treatment

Prof. Tibor Hajto, Ph.D. - Immunomodulator (ImunoBran=BioBran)

Imunobran/Biobran International Workshop 2018

Tokyo, Japon

ImunoBran / BioBran International Workshop 2018, Tokyo, Japan

Perspective vision of ImunoBran / BioBran in medicine from cancer to Alzheimer´s disease,  Yuzo Endo, M.D., PhD. Hamamatsu University School of Medicine (Japan) 

Natural medicine compounds for patients with "watch and wait" haematological malignancies. Terry Golombick, MSC. PhD., Dipl. Nutr. St.George Hospital and Southern Sydney Haematology ( Australia) 

Evidence-based review of ImunoBran / BioBran (RBAC) as a complementary therapy for conventional cancer treatment Sok Cheon Pak, Ph.D. Charles Sturt University ( Australia)

The contribution of ImunoBran / BioBran (RBAC) to holistic medicine (clinical cases) Ryoichi Obitsu, M.d., Ph.D. Obitsu Sankei Hospital (Japan) 

From Bench to bedside: The growing use of arabinoxylan rice bran / ImunoBran / BioBran (RBAC) in cancer immunotherapy Mamdooh Ghoneum, Ph.D. Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science (USA) 

The immunomodulatory and anti-senescent effect of ImunoBran / BioBran (RBAC) among healthy adults and patients with chronic illness John E. Lewis, Ph.D. University of Miami (USA)

The effects of ImunoBran / Biobran in clinical practices Fred Pescatore, M.D., MPH, CCN, Medicine 369 (USA) 

Monitoring changes in blood parameters in cancer patients taking an immune modulator Dan Kenner, PhD., L.Ac Acupuncture and Integrative Medical College ( AIMC Berkeley) (USA) 

Interviews - Imunobran/Biobran International Workshop 2018, Tokyo, Japon

Interview - Yuzo Endo, M.D., Ph.D. Hamamatsu University School of Medicine (Japan)

Interview - Mamdooh Ghoneum, Ph.D., Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science (USA) 

Interview - John E. Lewis, Ph.D., University of Miami (USA)

Journées du cancer du sein 2018

Bratislava, Slovaquie

Prof. Tibor Hajto, Ph.D. - Immuno-Oncologist from Hungary speaks at Breast Cancer Days in Bratislava

Workshop 2017

Cracovie, Pologne

Prof. Dr. med. Handgretinger - Harnessing Natural Killer (NK) Cells for Immunotherapy

Juliet Hayward, Nutritional Therapist, BA hons, MA, DNN - The Supportive Role of BioBran - 3 Case Studies

Prof. Tibor Hajto, Ph.D. - Immunomodulator shows benefit in tumor therapy

Prof.  Serge Jurasunas N.D. M.D.(HOM) - New Modern Way to Approach Cancer

Dr. Joseph Brenner, M.D. - Combining ImunoBran / BioBran with hyperthermia, chemotherapy and other anticancer treatments

Interviews - Workshop 2017, Cracovie, Pologne

Interview - Juliet Hayward, Nutritional Therapist, BA hons, MA, DNN 

Interview - Prof. Dr. Hegyi Gabriella MD., PHDV

Interview -  Prof. Serge Jurasunas N.D. M.D.(HOM)

Interview - Prof. Tibor Hajto, Ph.D.


ImunoBran / Biobran and its application on clinical cases / Dr. Edna Lao, M.D.

ImunoBran / Biobran is a natural immunotherapy agent that is increasingly used in the clinical setting due to its effectiveness and non-toxicity.

Dr. Karriem H. Ali Chief Scientific Officer Institute for Progressive Research of RBAC Immunomodulator Compounds / USA 

( ImunoBran / BioBran MGN-3, component Arabinoxilan) 

ImunoBran / BioBran® MGN-3 is a non-toxic glyconutritional nutrition supplement that has been sold in Japan and US for more than 30 years where it received a very positive customer response. According to some scientists, it is the most effective immune modulator available. Immunologists recommend BioBran MGN-3 for patients with cancer, before, during and after the chemotherapy and radiotherapy, for patients with viruses such as HIV, hepatitis, etc. BioBran could also reduce side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, improving the patient's quality of life substantially.