Rice Kefiran®
A unique and revolutionary probiotic

"The extraordinary combination of lactobacilli and rice creates a healthy food derived from Japan's staple food" 

The combination of rice and lactic acid bacteria has created a healthy and surprisingly tasty ingredient from Japan's staple food.

Traditional Japanese foods include narezushi such as izushi and funazushi. These original forms of sushi are made by fermenting rice with lactic acid bacteria to obtain a distinctive taste. As you can see, rice and lactic acid bacteria are naturally compatible. However, the development of this technique using Lactobacillus kefiranofaciens, which thrives on milk, in which rice is used as the main raw material to produce kefiran, a mucopolysaccharide, is particularly commendable. As someone who has been involved in the classification and nomenclature of this bacterium and understands the difficulties encountered with large-scale cultures, I am delighted to see the application of this culture of the bacterium in large-scale food production. I am also delighted to learn that kefir, a traditional food from the Caucasus region, famous for the longevity of its inhabitants, is being combined with Japanese rice to produce a new food that will help people around the world to stay healthy. I look forward to seeing the widespread use of Rice Kefiran contribute to the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases.

Tomotari Mitsuoka, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo


Kefir is a traditional fermented milk product that has been renowned for its health benefits for years. This is because it contains many valuable nutrients, including kefir, which is its most important ingredient. Original kefir, however, contains lactose, alcohol, carbon dioxide and has a distinct taste.

Kefir is a low-calorie, highly functional food ingredient with its roots in the traditional fermented milk known as kefir, which has long been consumed in the Caucasus region, a region known the world over for its longevity. Kefir is a fermented milk drink produced from ingredients known as kefir grains, namely the microflora of yeast and mixed lactic acid bacteria, which act as a starter. It contains alcohol, lactic acid and carbonic acid and has a distinctive flavour. Kefir is popular not only as a drink but also as a healthy beverage, and is used as part of a macrobiotic diet to promote health and help maintain it.

What is Rice Kefiran?

Rice Kefiran is a new functional food ingredient with enhanced macrobiotic dietary function thanks to the pure culture of L. kefiranofaciens cells, which are isolated from kefir, in rice components.

RICE KEFIRAN® (RICE KEFIRAN) is a revolutionary Kefiran product made not from dairy products, an animal source, but from rice, a plant source. It took us eight years of research to master the cultivation of rice-based Kefiran. We have succeeded in establishing unique manufacturing methods for a food ingredient containing over 250 times more Kefiran than milk-based kefir.

Characteristics of Rice Kefiran:

  • It contains a high concentration of the mucopolysaccharide kefiran.
  • Kefiran is low in calories because it is fermented with lactic acid, a component of rice.
  • It is a homolactic fermented product, so contains no alcohol or carbonic acid.
  • This is the first culture of lactic acid bacteria produced from L. kefiranofaciens and the lactic acid derivative is L(+)-lactic acid.
  • It contains many substances linked to rice amino acids.


Each sachet contains: Rice Kefiran® 1.5g

Available packaging: 30 sachets in a box

Ingredients: Lactobacillus Kefiranofaciens, hydrogenated maltose syrup, Maize starch, Fructo-oligosaccharide, Lactobacilli (killed bacteria)

Suggested daily use: Take 1 sachet a day with a meal

Storage: Seal tightly and store in a cool, dry place, avoiding direct sunlight

Not for children under 3. Not for pregnant and breast-feeding women.

Do not exceed the recommended dose indicated. A dietary supplement should not be used to replace a varied diet



​Rice Kefiran® is produced by phytoculture from wholegrain rice and contains no dairy products.


​Rice Kefiran® contains over 250 times more kefiran than the original kefir, as well as many other valuable nutrients derived from rice, such as rice peptides and GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid).


​Unlike traditional milk-based cultures, Rice Kefiran® is made from rice fermented with lactic acid and containing almost no fat.


​Rice Kefiran® contains no alcohol or carbon dioxide, as it is a pure product of homolactic fermentation.


​Rice Kefiran® was developed in cooperation with the University of Tokyo and the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.


Rice Kefiran® is manufactured to the highest standards in our Japanese factory using unique, patented technology.