natto NKCP®

Protein that reduces the risk of thrombosis


Heart disease and cerebrovascular disease (stroke) are respectively the leading and third leading causes of death in developed countries, with heart disease accounting for up to 30% of all deaths and cerebrovascular disease for almost 10%. And these figures are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ravages of these diseases: for every person who dies from them, several others suffer from their harmful effects - a stroke or heart attack, for example, can leave a person bedridden. Milder symptoms can include a stiff neck, chronic headaches, cold hands and feet, shortness of breath, chest pain, impaired mental function and dizziness.

Any effort to increase the length and quality of life must therefore focus on methods for maintaining a vascular system and good blood circulation. This is a fundamental element of health.

Natto - traditional Japanese food

NATTO is a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soya beans that has been eaten for centuries. It is thought to be a healthy treat, with an 'acquired' taste and smell. New scientific research has discovered why natto is so good for your health: Bacillus subtilis natto (the good bacteria that form during the fermentation process) produces functional proteins (including nattokinase) that naturally and safely help the body maintain optimal blood viscosity. This makes natto an important food for those wishing to reduce the risk of thrombosis (blood clots) - a central factor in heart disease and stroke, two of the biggest killers in Western society today, and deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a concern for those who take long plane journeys. This product is of particular interest to those who want a safe, drug-free alternative to aspirin for healthy blood circulation.

The problem with eating natto is fourfold: its taste, smell and texture are unpleasant; it can contain large quantities of vitamin K2, which interferes with drugs such as warfarin; its potency can vary considerably from one brand to another; and it is not widely available outside Japan. But Daiwa Pharmaceutical has produced nattokinase NKCP - a standardised extract of natto bacillus culture (Bacillopeptidase F) in the form of small, odourless tablets from which the vitamin K2 has been largely eliminated - so that everyone can now enjoy the benefits of natto!

Natto, which has attracted worldwide attention recently, is a staple of the Japanese diet. Life expectancy is the highest in Japan, which is partly explained by the high consumption of soy-based products and 'natto' in particular. Dr Sumi, a professor in the Department of Chemical Technology in the Faculty of Science and Industrial Technology at Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts, has confirmed the very positive effects of natto. During his studies in the United States, Dr Sumi discovered that the sticky part of natto, commonly known as 'fibres', had a strong finbrinolytic activity. The enzyme responsible for this activity is called 'nattokinase'. Dr Sumi examined samples of 200 other foods from around the world and concluded that natto had the highest fibrinolytic activity of all the samples. Dr Sumi presented the results of his research for the first time in Japan in 1986. The mass media, television and major newspapers immediately communicated the results of the research to the public, with a very favourable response. Since then, sales of natto have risen dramatically in Japan due to its reputation as an essential food ingredient needed to maintain good health. More recently, natto has been shown to contribute significantly to the prevention of viral diseases caused by the O-157 virus.

Its exceptional taste, which is due to the activity of Bacillus subtilis, makes it very popular with many Japanese. Natto has a long history, and many believe that its use dates back to prehistoric times, probably before Christ. There is documentary evidence that natto was popular as far back as the Edo dynasty, 400 years ago. Originally, natto was used as a popular and traditional remedy for heart and vascular disease, general weakness, exhaustion and beriberi.

natto NKCP® 

Purified Bacillus Subtilis Natto culture filtrate, a safe food supplement to support blood circulation

What is Natto NKCP?

"Natto NKCP is a dietary supplement containing a precise dose of proteins produced by the natto bacterium (Bacillus subtilis natto).

The bacterial remains of the bodies of the natto bacteria, the particular smell and taste, as well as vitamin K, which promotes blood clotting, have been eliminated from the final product by a special production process. This dietary supplement is very safe, with no undesirable effects, which has been proven in toxicity tests for acute and sub-acute exposure. Tests have been carried out on the antigenic components by subcutaneous and intravenous application, as well as mutagenicity tests, proving its absolute safety. One of the characteristics of Natto NKCP is that it leaves the original nutritional elements of soya, which is the raw material, virtually unchanged, but also contains the original nutritional elements produced by the action of Bacillus subtilis natto. Of the various constituents of Natto NKCP, it is the functional protein that is currently the focus of particular attention. This functional protein is concentrated in the dried powder obtained from the filtrate of the natto bacillus culture, and the distinctive odour of Natto NKCP is virtually eliminated.


​Natto NKCP is a standardised extract from the culture of Bacillus Subtilis Natto, a good bacterium found in the traditional Japanese dish called natto - fermented soya beans. The vitamin K2 content is also largely removed so that Natto NKCP is compatible with anticoagulant drugs such as Warfarin. Natto NKCP tablets are odourless, easy to swallow and contain no genetically modified ingredients.


​Natto NKCP is developed and produced using a patented method by Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. in Japan, a small, innovative pharmaceutical company dedicated to the production of natural food extracts and supplements for health and well-being. Daiwa Pharmaceutical is renowned as the developer and manufacturer of the immune system supplement ImunoBran MGN-3.


​A number of enzymes have been identified by Daiwa Pharmaceutical in Natto NKCP extract, including nattokinase, which has been shown to inactivate an unhealthy enzyme in the blood called plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI-1), which increases with age. By helping to reduce PAI-1, Natto NKCP considerably increases the effectiveness of our body's natural mechanisms for controlling blood viscosity. What makes Natto NKCP special is that it has no medicinal effect - it does not act directly on blood viscosity or dissolve blood clots directly. Natto NKCP simply increases the effectiveness of the body's blood control mechanisms. This means that this natural food supplement has no negative effect on blood clotting, which can happen with medicinal anticoagulants such as aspirin.


The safety of Natto NKCP has been confirmed by extensive testing, including independent safety reviews for acute toxicity, subacute toxicity, mutagenicity, antigenicity and overdose. However, as with any dietary supplement, if you suffer from a particular health problem or are taking medication (particularly with regard to thrombosis or blood circulation), we advise you to consult your doctor before taking Natto NKCP.


Pour une circulation saine, il est important de réduire la viscosité du sang afin d'éviter le ralentissement du flux sanguin et de réduire ainsi la possibilité de formation de caillots sanguins (thrombus). Ces conditions sont utiles à maintenir dans de nombreuses situations :

- Lower limb disorders (thrombophlebitis, deep vein thrombosis, limb anaemia, post-thrombotic conditions)

- shin ulcers, skin pigmentation, swelling of the limbs

- headaches and neck pain, migraines

- when it is necessary to increase the blood supply to the cerebral vessels - reduced risk of stroke

- when it is necessary to increase blood flow in the heart vessels - thereby reducing the risk of heart attack

- during pregnancy, after surgery, in the case of oncological diseases, diabetes, contraception, alcoholism or smoking

- economy class syndrome (thrombosis during long and frequent flights, car or bus journeys)

- for people who have mainly sedentary jobs or, conversely, who stand for long periods at work

Packaging available

Each 300 mg tablet contains 125 mg Natto bacillus culture extract. One box contains 60 tablets.


Active ingredient: NKCP purified bacillus subtilis culture filtrate 100mg; Bulking agent: Microcrystalline cellulose 122mg; Bulking agent: Maltodextrin 57.9mg; Emulsifier: Sucrose esters of fatty acids 9mg; Anti-caking agent: Colloidal silicon dioxide 6mg; Coating: Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose 4.59mg; Polyethylene glycol 0.408mg; Hydroxypropylcellulose 0.102mg;

Directions for use

Recommended dose: Instructions for adults:

- Consult your doctor before taking natto NKCP if you are taking any medication relating to thrombosis or blood circulation.

- Take 1 to 2 tablets of natto NKCP once a day after a meal.

A dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


As Natto NKCP is a hygroscopic powder, do not expose it to heat or high humidity, and ensure that the packaging is tightly closed.




Natto NKCP is readily absorbed into the body through normal absorption processes in the intestines, but is more effective if taken with other foods rather than on an empty stomach, as the activity of the extract is reduced at a pH below 5.


Natto NKCP is a natural food supplement made from fermented soya beans. It is not a medicine or a synthetic or genetically modified chemical.


There are currently no contraindications to using Natto NKCP. As it is extracted from a natural food, this product is very safe to take. However, if you are taking any prescription medicines, particularly those related to thrombosis or blood circulation, you are advised to consult a doctor before taking Natto NKCP.


The exclusive extract of Natto bacillus culture in Natto NKCP has been (and continues to be) at the centre of scientific and clinical research in Japan, the United States and Europe.


Natto NKCP is manufactured to the strictest Japanese standards.


It has been found that the functional protein in the sticky part of Natto has the ability to maintain the circulatory system in a healthy state. However, this depends to some extent on the type of Natto or even the particular manufacturing batch. In contrast, Natto bacillus culture extract is obtained from the sticky part of Natto, from which the distinctive odour, viscosity and vitamin K2 have largely been removed, and contains a fixed amount of the functional protein. It can be consumed easily and conveniently, whether you like the taste of Natto or not.

The functional protein contained in Bacillus subtilis natto is broken down into peptides and amino acids in the stomach and duodenum in the same way as normal proteins, and enters the bloodstream after being absorbed by the villi of the small intestine. However, absorption is more efficient if the extract is taken in conjunction with other foods rather than on an empty stomach, as the activity of the extract is reduced at a pH below 5.

Yes, Natto NKCP is different from the others. Natto NKCP is Bacillopeptidase F, whereas the other nattokinase products are Sultilisin protease. The advantage of Bacillopeptidase F is that it has a much stronger anti-coagulant effect than Sultilisin protease.