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Dear doctors and medical professionals, we have prepared professional information that we are constantly updating and sharing with other medical professionals around the world. Learn more not only about ImunoBran® MGN-3 products, but also about various studies and scientific articles related to building immunity.

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We have the honour of informing you that the President of our Japanese parent company, Daiwa Pharmaceutical, from which all our 100% natural and patented products originate, has been honoured by the Emperor of Japan for his life's work.

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ImunoBran® composed of arabinoxylane MGN-3

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I would like to announce that Professor Serge Jurasunas from Portugal has been chosen from five other candidates from various countries to receive the prestigious Albert Schweitzer Lifetime Award in Medicine, 2023. Serge Jurasunas is an integrative oncology physician, researcher, spiritual man, philosopher, writer and internationally renowned pioneer in several fields of alternative and naturopathic medicine. He has developed several types of therapy to treat cancer without toxicity. His practice also includes teaching, counselling and humanitarian service, inspired by the life of Dr Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965), known as the Doctor of Peace.

La stratégie de traitement du cancer par la naturopathie de Serge Jurasunas

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