Years of clinical research

There are other food supplements on the market trying to ride on the back of ImunoBran MGN-3 research, claiming that they are superior. They do this because they are not prepared to spend the money on proper clinical research to support their claims. By contrast, ImunoBran has many years of clinical research behind it, including many peer-reviewed papers, which is why it continues to be the leading immunomodulator recommended by doctors and other health practitioners worldwide.

If your health or the health of your patients is at stake, reject any immunomodulator that relies on marketing rather than science, and choose one with a proven track record. ImunoBran MGN-3, which is manufactured to highest standards in Japan, has been in clinical use for two decades, and has come to be recognised as the world's leading natural, effective and completely safe immunomodulator.

Daiwa Pharmaceutical, the manufacturers of ImunoBran, have invested millions over the past decade to ensure that ImunoBran is the very best for your immune system. And this is reflected in the high quality of their products, and the fact that these products are the ones that are generally chosen by most practitioners and doctors around the world.


Un immunomodulateur végétal standardisé, fondé sur les faits (composé d'arabinoxylane de son de riz) peut-il accroître les effets de la gemcitabine de façon synergique ? Étude de cas sur un patient présentant un carcinome canalaire du pancréas. Tibor Hajto*, Université de Médecine de Pecs, Hongrie


Can standardized and evidence based plant immunomodulator (rice bran arabinoxylan concentrate) increase the effect of Gemcitabine in a synergistic manner? Case report of a patient with ductal pancreas carcinoma. Tibor Hajto* Medical University Pecs, Hungary


Arabinoxylan rice bran (MGN-3/Biobran) alleviates radiation-induced intestinal barrier dysfunction of mice in a mitochondrion-dependent manner


The Immunomodulating Effects of Arabinoxylan Rice Bran (Lentin) on Hematologic Profile, Nutritional Status and Quality of Life among Head and Neck Carcinoma Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy: A Double Blind Randomized Control Trial


The enhancing efects of Biobran/MGN‑3, an arabinoxylan rice bran, on healthy old adults' health‑related quality of life: a randomized, double‑blind, placebo‑controlled clinical trial


Arabinoxylan rice bran (MGN-3/Biobran) enhances radiotherapy in animals bearing Ehrlich ascites carcinoma†

The Novel Effects of a Hydrolyzed Polysaccharide Dietary Supplement on Immune, Hepatic, and Renal Function in Adults with HIV in a Randomized, Double-Blind Placebo-Control Trial

The Effect of a Hydrolyzed Polysaccharide Dietary Supplement on Biomarkers in Adults with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

New Perspectives to Improve the MHC-I Unrestricted Immune

Mechanisms against Malignant Tumors

Platelet - Allies of Tomour Cells

NKCP in Cancer Management (removing cancer´s camouflage)

Can a standardized plant immunomodulator (rice bran arabinoxylan concentrate MGN-3) increase the effects of MEK and BRAF inhibitors with clinical benefit? Case report of patient with carcinoma in biliary duct 

Urgent Necessity for Standardized and Evidence Based Plant Immunomodulators (Such As Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Concentrate/MGN-3) for the Tumor Research

Modified rice bran hemicellulose inhibits vascular endothelial growth factor-induced angiogenesis in vitro via VEGRF2 and its downstream signaling pathways

Controlled pilot study for cancer patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome due to chemotherapy treated with ImunoBran (BioBran) and targeted radiofrequency heat therapy

Épigénétique et renversement de l'immunosénescence : nouveau paradigme pour la longévité sur la base de preuves

Du laboratoire à la table de nuit : l'arabinoxylane de son de riz (MGN-3/ImunoBran) utilisé de plus en plus dans le traitement immunologique de cancer

Vom Labor auf den Nachttisch: Steigende Anwendung von Arabinoxylan aus Reiskleie (MGN- 3/ImunoBran) in der immunologischen Therapie von Krebserkrankungen


Amoindrissement des effets secondaires de la chimiothérapie chez les patientes atteintes du cancer du sein. 


Effekt der Abschwächung der Nebenwirkungen der Chemotherapie bei Patientinnen mit Brustkrebs. 

Les inhibiteurs des récepteurs de l'EGF peuvent-ils accroître les effets immunomodulateurs des extraits de plantes standardisés (de lectine de gui et d'arabinoxylane) avec un résultat clinique avéré? Rapport de cas d'un patient souffrant d'adénocarcinome pulmonaire.

Können Inhibitoren EGFR die Immunomodulation standardisierter Pflanzenauszüge (Lektin aus Mistel und Arabinoxylan) mit günstigem klinischen Ergebnis erhöhen? Fallstudie einer Patientin mit Lungenadenokarzinom.

L'arabinoxylane de son de riz (MGN-3/Biobran) améliore la cytoxicité par les cellules tueuses naturelles en présence de neuroblastome in vitro et in vivo.

Arabinoxylan aus Reiskleie (MGN-3/Biobran) verbessert zellvermittelte Zytotoxizität der natürlichen Killerzellen gegen Neuroblastome in vitro und in vivo.

L'arabinoxylane modifié au son de riz, le MGN-3/Biobran, sensibilise les cellules métastatiques du carcinome du sein au paclitaxel in vitro

Modified Arabinoxylan from Rice Bran, MGN-3/Biobran, Sensitizes Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells to Paclitaxel In Vitro.

L'activation des récepteurs de reconnaissance de motifs moléculaires provoquée par l'effet synergique des immunomodulateurs de plantes peut-elle améliorer l'efficacité du traitement oncologique ? Étude du cas d'une patiente souffrant d'un sarcome de l'utérus et de l'ovaire.

Kann die Aktivierung der, das Muster erkennenden Rezeptoren, die durch synergisches Einwirken pflanzlicher Immunomodulatoren hervorgerufen wird, die Wirkung der onkologischen Behandlung verbessern? Fallstudie an Patientin mit Gebärmutter- und Eierstocksarkom.

L'arabinoxylane de son de riz (ImunoBran) réduit le taux de virémie chez les patients souffrant d'infection chronique HCV : essai randomisé*

Arabinoxylan aus Reiskleie (ImunoBran) hemmt den Virämiespiegel bei Patienten mit chronischer HCV-Infektion: Randomisierte Studie*