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Dear doctors and medical professionals, we have prepared professional information that we are constantly updating and sharing with other medical professionals around the world. Learn more not only about ImunoBran® MGN-3 products, but also about various studies and scientific articles related to building immunity.

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ImunoBran® MGN-3 - Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound

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Years of clinical research

There are other food supplements on the market trying to ride on the back of ImunoBran® MGN-3 research, claiming that they are superior. They do this because they are not prepared to spend the money on proper clinical research to support their claims. By contrast, ImunoBran® MGN-3 has many years of clinical research behind it, including many peer-reviewed papers, which is why it continues to be the leading immunomodulator recommended by doctors and other health practitioners worldwide.

If your health or the health of your patients is at stake, reject any immunomodulator that relies on marketing rather than science, and choose one with a proven track record. ImunoBran® MGN-3, which is manufactured to highest standards in Japan, has been in clinical use for two decades, and has come to be recognised as the world's leading natural, effective and completely safe immunomodulator.

Daiwa Pharmaceutical, the manufacturers of ImunoBran® MGN-3, have invested millions over the past decade to ensure that ImunoBran® MGN-3 is the very best for your immune system. And this is reflected in the high quality of their products, and the fact that these products are the ones that are generally chosen by most practitioners and doctors around the world.

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