Specification sheet for ImunoBran® MGN-3

Product name

MGN-3 Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound
Patent no. 753582


This product is composed of dietary fiber obtained from rice bran hemicellulose B by a hot water extraction method, enzymatically broken down by the carbohydrase complex from shitake mushrooms.

Content specification

Carbohydrate 65% - 80%
Protein 8% - 15%
Protein measured by the Lowry method


Colour Light brown
Form Powder
Scent Distinctive scent
Taste Faint sweet taste and faint acidity/lemony
Solubility Water soluble
Over 95% soluble in water at 60°C
Stability Stable to processing in high temperature


less than 8%

Crude ash

5% - 10%

Arsenic (as As2O3)

less than 5ppm

Heavy metals (as Pb)

less than 20ppm

Aerobic plate count

Aerobic plate count

Coliform bacteria


Mutagenicity (Ames test)


Acute toxicity

LD50 > 36g/kg (rat)

Repeated dose


Physiological activity

Primarily influences biophylasix systems

Fibre Content

1.4g/100g of raw material / 27.3g/100g of finished sachet powder