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ImunoBran® = BioBran®

We invite you to a webinar in English

Webinar by Dr. Fred Pescatore, MD, MPH, CCN 

ImunoBran/BioBran and NKCP - novel ingredients for health management

Friday, July 1st, 8 a.m. (Paris time) 

Dr. Pescatore is a traditionally trained physician who has chosen to practice Integrative Medicine. By practicing Integrative Medicine, Dr. Pescatore is able to combine traditional and alternative medical techniques for 21st. century healing.

Coming soon: video of the webinar in English, presentation in French.

Webinar by Dan Kenner Ph.D., L.Ac.

Control of Infection in the Post-COVID Era

DHD EUROPE Ltd, June 3rd 2022, Tokyo, Japan

The webinar video is in English, the presentation is in French

Webinar by Dan Kenner Ph.D., L.Ac.

Evidence-based Japanese Suplement for Immune Restiration

Supplément japonais fondé sur des données probantes pour la restauration du système immunitaire

DHD EUROPE Ltd, 28 May 2021, Tokyo, Japan

Presentation is in French

WEBINAR : Interview entre Mr. U. Braun et Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Dr. habil. T. Hajtó

Nouvelle perspective immunologique pour les patients atteints de maladies virales et oncologiques.

12.04.2021, Allemagne