Christmas Offers


Thank you for your kindness and interest in ImunoBran

We would like to offer you the Christmas activities we have prepared for you:

Christmas wrapping, gifts and gift vouchers

You can choose a Christmas package for each purchase.

Christmas packaging

Each order includes a small gift for happiness

Small Gift for Happiness 

Send a gift to your family, friends or acquaintances

If you have a distant relative and would like to send them a gift in a Christmas parcel, please feel free to indicate their delivery address on the order form. We'll send them your gift with Christmas wrapping, a Christmas greeting, a good luck gift and a discount that they can use at any time.

Delivery of gifts to your family

We send these donations no later than 16/12/2022, so that the donation is delivered no later than 24/12/2022.

Delivery before Christmas

On the box will be the following information: "I am your present, open me under the Christmas tree".

Important information

If you need advice on dosage or combination of products, please contact us.