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What is its effect on the body?

You can find more information on the following points in our published scientific articles and clinical studies.


When used in conjunction with a good treatment program, ImunoBran® MGN-3 can help the body increase its own survival chances by boosting white blood cell activity and promoting the rejection of abnormal cells.

As a daily food supplement

Even in healthy people, ImunoBran® MGN-3  helps to strengthen the immune system by increasing the activity of the white blood cells. This, in turn, increases immunity by enhancing the body's ability to destroy infections and abnormal cells before they have a chance to spread.

Bacterial infections

such a colds, fevers and food poisoning - ImunoBran® MGN-3 can help speed recovery alongside conventional treatments by strengthening the immune system. (Most of the evidence that ImunoBran® MGN-3 can help with bacterial infections is anecdotal, although it is consistent with the activity of a stimulated immune system.)

Viral infections 

such as HIV, AIDS and hepatitis B & C - ImunoBran® MGN-3 has the ability to improve immunological parameters in patients with these conditions (such as Interferon-Gamma production, GOT, GPT and Gamma GPT).


Similar to the above, by reducing the inflammatory response, ImunoBran® MGN-3 has the ability to reduce the symptoms of allergies. It does this by suppressing the degranulation of mast cells, the storehouses of histamine which causes the symptoms of allergy. 

Inflammatory Conditions

ImunoBran® MGN-3 reduces the inflammatory response in the body, helping to bring symptomatic relief for a variety of inflammatory conditions including arthritis. It does this by suppressing the infiltration of leukocytes, especially neutrophils, into inflamed tissue.


ImunoBran® MGN-3 has the ability to improve glucose tolerance - although it is NOT a substitute for insulin or for glucose monitoring. This is definitely an area that needs further research.

The production of ImunoBran® MGN-3 is PATENTED

ImunoBran® MGN-3 has been a dietary supplement in Europe, the United States and Japan for over 25 years.


  • » I caught Covid recently had all 3 kids at home due to outbreaks in the school honestly it was so difficult i was wiped out but managed. The first symptom was a headache, aching bones all over, then complete exhaustion. A few days later I had a cough and a sensitive chest which lead to my nervous system to be unbalanced, then lost my sense of taste and smell. After a week I was a mess I just found it so hard dealing with the children and home schooling whilst feeling so poorly. I felt so worried as got weaker and weaker. A kind friend got very worried and sent me some ImunoBran® in the post because it was all about the body's immunity and the intelligence of our immunity. So i took 1 sachets 3 times a day for 3 days and every day I started to feel more like yourself.... 4 days on ImunoBran® . Day 2, my cough had cleared. Day 3 I was completely clear of all Covid symptoms and I was back to my energised, stable and healthy self. What an experience, but so glad I was blessed to have tried the ImunoBran®Jane F., UK
  • » I want to share my experience with ImunoBran® 1000. After being diagnosed with Covid-19, I immediately started taking ImunoBran® 1000. I took 1 sachet, 3 times a day. After 2 days of taking ImunoBran®, my smell and taste returned. 5 days after use, my headaches stopped and my sinuses cleared, I did not get rhinitis or a cough. My husband and daughter were quarantined with me and also took ImunoBran 1000® 3 times a day during our quarantine. They did not get Covid-19. I was not isolated from them. I definitely recommend ImunoBran® as I have found it very powerful.«  Monika J., Slovakia

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