An Alternative Solution to Mass Covid-19 Vaccination

By: Professor Serge Jurasunas. M.D (Hon) N.D., M.D (Hom) Member of the New York Academy of Science Author of New Book: "Cancer Treatment Breakthrough - Immuno Oncology Using Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound"

Recently Geert Vandeen Bossche Ph.D., a Belgian virus expert and former Global Director for vaccine program including at the Bill Gates Foundation warned the international community about the danger of the vaccination campaign that may efficiently turn into what was a relatively harmless virus into a bioweapon of mass destruction. Many other researchers including the virologist, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, who just published a book (Corona Unmasked- Goldeggn Verlag GmbH. Vienna) which explains the danger of the vaccination, since nobody knows the short or long-term consequences when acting directly on our genes, where even laboratories who produce the vaccine agree that they don't know how they may work. They told us that the vaccine is efficient and saves lives, but are we so sure?

Figure 1: This scanning electron microscope image shows SARS-CoV-2 (Round gold objects) emerging from the surface of cells cultured in the lab. This is the virus that causes COVID-19. At the moment more and more vaccinated people from various countries are suffering from middle to serious side-effects that include anaphylactic shock, blood coagulation, and even cases of death but the media tries to minimize the consequences or speak of coincidences. However more recently the serious French Magazine, Paris Match carried an article asking if you would be afraid of taking the vaccine because of the various cases of serious side-effects which happened in France including some deaths. After a 26-year-old woman developed a brain stroke and the article said some specialists suggested that such a case merited further investigation. On French TV new Channel 1, a discussion was open because more people developed serious side effects such as blood coagulation have obliged various countries in Europe to again stop vaccination for the time being as nobody knows what further consequences can be expected while we are at the beginning of the vaccination. However, it's no surprise the WHO said that the benefit of vaccination is superior to the risk! OK, but what about the risk of death? As it was said, the cure cannot be worse than the disease itself.

Over the past year several solutions and alternatives have been strongly suggested such as prophylaxis, to reduce infection and deaths or as Therapy for the treatment of the SARS-CoV-2 Related Disease (Covi-19) but not all were accepted by the international medical community. However, lately, they have been more accepted by several medical doctors. An example is using ivermectin to treat hospitalized patients, especially during the beginning of the infection to avoid hospitalization. Just as an example it has been shown that nutritional diet and several vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin D which in 2021 was subject of many very serious publications including several studies with 43 randomized and placebo-controlled studies on the possible relationship between vitamin D and respiratory infections of nearly 49,000 participants. (Danielle Masterson 2021. In a study of 212 patients with Covi-19 of those who had severe disease, 96% had low vitamin D levels, while 96% of those with mid-level disease had higher levels of vitamin D. Other compounds also demonstrated efficacy, first by offering protection against the Covi-19 and as an adjuvant treatment in hospitals to increase the rate of cure and decrease mortality.

According to Geert Vandeen Bossche and Dr. Surcharit Bhakdi, the Covi-19 has a high capacity for mutation. If you put living organisms like bacteria or viruses under pressure, via antibiotics, antibodies for example, but you don't kill them off completely and encourage them to mutate into more virulent strains. Those that escape the immune system end up surviving and selecting mutation to ensure their further survival. Also even if the vaccine kills many viruses others survive and will reactivate in the future, causing more pandemic

Mass covid-19 vaccination could be similar to the uses of antibiotics by resistant bacteria. Antibiotics are increasingly losing their effectiveness against common bacteria as we know today and become very resistant and we now face super-bacteria that can kill rapidly living doctors disarmed.

Another example is the use of chemotherapy to kill cancer cells. Many cancer cells do not die, develop mutation through selection, become more resistant and chemotherapy cannot kill them anymore. The more chemotherapy you do the more aggressive such cancer cells become that turn into a CSC-like state.

Further Risk among the Vaccinated

There is an extraordinary paragraph buried in an SPI-M modeling summary submitted to Sage by the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group which discusses who will die in a third wave. It says: "The resurgence in both hospitalizations and deaths is dominated by those that have received two doses of the vaccine, comprising around 60% and 70% of the wave respectively. This can be attributed to the high levels of uptake in the most at-risk age groups."

The World of Bacteria and Viruses

We need to understand that microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses are all around and within all of us and are the first living organisms since the beginning of our planetary evolution. Our body contains over 100 trillion bacteria and other micro-organisms that live in synergy as well as billions of viruses, most of them dormant. It seems that we are more than bacteria, we are human. Therefore even if we are exposed internally and externally to bacteria and viruses it doesn't mean that we are going to get sick unless there is some reason. In fact, in its book Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi also mention that strictly speaking, we all carry an astonishing number of possible pathogens inside of our bodies- yet we are healthy. He also said that coronavirus has been carried around by people for decades, without causing symptoms. Today science has discovered that the intestinal microbiome is central to balancing our immune response. This includes fighting against infection, flu, allergies, etc... Our gut is the home of over 100 billion bacteria. Some are the good ones while others are bad bacteria developed according to our dietary style. Thus a well-balanced microbiome is also essential against infection and virus. A long article published in the French magazine, "Science and Avenire (Future)" about our Microbiome underscores the need to reinforce our immunity based upon several studies which include one from a prestigious team from Sloan Kettering that has for the first time demonstrated that in humans the intestinal microbiome can directly shape the composition of the immune system.

Figure 2: The Importance of Vitamin D against Covid-19

According to Diwaka Dawar, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Pittsburg (USA), the composition of the microbiome can strengthen the immune response, and other researchers such as Heenam Stanley Kim, a microbiologist from Korea University's Laboratory for Human-Microbial Interreaction in Seoul, made clear the connection between an altered gut microbiome and severe Covid 19. According to his research, people do not realize is that the pandemic of damaged gut microbiomes is also very serious, currently needing a change in our dietary style.

The article also brings more light about the association of the severity of the Covi-19 and the intestinal microbiome which of course requires more exploration. However, we now have better proof about the kind of food we eat that can either help us to develop good intestinal bacteria or opt for junk food that gives rise to bad bacteria. In the past, people resistant to infection were called Healthy but today they are deemed "Asymptomatically Infected", therefore dangerous. Apparently, we are losing the concept of what are Health and Healthy people, as to have only now sick people. Also important to remember the virus is not a living organism like bacteria and cannot multiply unless it first penetrates a cell using its internal machinery to reproduce. Even if we catch a virus it must be activated by some internal or external factors and must find a favourable ground or Terrain interior along with a weak inactivated immune system to thrive. This is our main response against bacteria and viruses but today it's been damaged due to our wrong lifestyle and dietary habits.

Bad food, air quality, radiation, change of weather, physical oxidative stress, electromagnetic perturbation, bacterial activity, change in our milieu, abnormal bio-energetic fields within our body are some examples of internal and external factors in the environment that can activate a virus. Several theories implicate electromagnetic field perturbation as one factor that can activate a virus the same as a change in weather temperature as it momentarily happens. Lately, we have seen in France a change of temperature of over one and two weeks from 25 degrees centigrade during March, dropping to 6 degrees C after one week and 4 below zero with snow and freezing weather earlier this April. Furthermore, activated pleomorphic bacteria can be a major cause of virus activation. Recently medical doctors have grossly neglected this possibility. Now we have realized that by prescribing Ivermectin and other antiparasitic drugs to patients with covid-19, they rapidly improve. So this may be in favour of a virus + bacteria combination. If like me, you observe the blood of some specific patient using a special microscope for Live Blood Analysis, you would be surprised to observe several forms of pleomorphic bacteria moving in the blood smear, yet doctors do not know about this. Similarly, you can observe Red cells in strong rouleau or strong aggregation and even view a situation with early blood thrombus which may lead to brain stroke, serious deficiency of oxygenation in the brain. It should be interesting to observe patients with covid-19 with this technique.

Also, the mistake of the medical system was not to make a difference between healthy persons with a normal activated immune system that protects against virus, and the ones that are infected by active Covid 19 with a poor immune system? As a result, everybody has to be vaccinated which is nonsense. Are you going to vaccinate the whole planet against cancer along with people who will never develop a risk? We know that 80% of people who die from the virus are the ones ranging from 70-80 years of age, more because they have a very poor immune system. Now they want to vaccinate children from 3 years of age, but the immune system is not yet formed, and this may trigger some serious disorder. It may alter the immune system and develop more auto-immune diseases or even modify the children's genome since, in reality, the vaccine is gene therapy and may be dangerous even for adults.

According to Dolores Cahill, Ph.D., geneticist, and immunologist from the University of Dublin (Ireland) the RNA vaccine is dangerous since after a few months the antibodies of our organism can start to attack our organs that manufacture the viral protein spike because of the RNA gene therapy vaccine. She explains the effects of the vaccine will manifest a few months after vaccination. Of course, the competitive speed between laboratories to produce these vaccines didn't take into consideration the alerts from various geneticists that warned the health authorities about the danger. They were quick to eventually remove from the market any natural compound that is supposed to be toxic or even forbidden, for example, the use of the plant artemisinin both in tea or tablets that have shown efficacy against covid-19, because the WHO says they have not yet any idea of its innocuousness. Can you believe this?!

I believe this thinking is insane and dangerous. If we are looking at Autism in the US in 1985, 1 child out of 2500 developed autism. Then in 1995, 1 out of 500, then in 2014, 1 out of 50. It is expected for 2025 that half of the children born in the US will develop autism, while vaccination is pointed out solely as a serious possible risk. So what comes next after this vaccination for children!?

Figure 3

As we age our immune system function tends to decline due to a process called immunosenescence. More specifically, it involves our weakened T-cell functions (but also our NK cells), which is a primary cause of severe Covi-19. This is one reason why the elderly are at such increased risk for viral infection, flu, etc. and now especially for Covi-19. Also, there may be a deficiency of vitamin C, D, selenium, and other nutrients important for boosting the immune system, while this notion of the immune system in a non-sick person has been considerably neglected. We surely need to make an immunity test for both young individuals and one for those 70-80 years and examine the results for both. If you vaccinate a young individual not infected and with a good immune system then you can expect a strong reaction like the young women of 26 years who had a brain stroke just after vaccination.

Figure 4: Hypothesized double-sided mechanism of Sars-Cov-2 and NK Cell Interaction. In case of effective immune system response, NK cells express the activation marker CD107a and release IFNy, IL-2, and TNFα (right side). In case of exhaustion, NK cells overexpress the inhibitory NKG2A receptor, which suppresses T-cell and NK cytotoxic function favouring a pro-inflammatory condition (left side).


As a vaccine alternative, the solution according to Geert Vanden Boscsh is the widespread use of the Natural Killer Cells (NK cells) - this is based upon what a vaccine may assist the innate immune system to eliminate the coronavirus at an early stage of infection.

Figure 5: How NK Cells Kill Viruses in Infected Cells

NK cells make a bridge between our innate and adaptive immune response which offers greater opportunity to combat with rapid efficacy any intruders. This is very interesting news since NK cells are now considered firstly as an important line of defence against cancer but also play a key role in host defence against viral infection. If NK cells are present in sufficient number and are functioning correctly, we hardly will be affected by Covi-19. At the moment a growing body of data is emerging on the variation in the number and function of NK cells during SARS-COV-2 infection, correlating it with the severity of clinical presentation and outcome (ZHENG ET AL 2000) Weilh et al (2000) because NK cells are shown to be an efficient protective shield against viral infection. Extensive evidence exists that the early innate function of NK cells is essential and beneficial in immune defence against respiratory viral infection. These activities include antiviral cytokine production (IFN-y) and lysis of virus-infected cells (1). In severe SARS cases, the parameter of NK cells was significantly lower than in middle cases of SARS cells and apparently, the number of NK cells remained low for the entire disease and began to recover only after the 40th day of the disease. So it seems that SARS alters the function of NK cells but we can also assume that many infected cases with SARS have already an exhausted NK cell function. We could ask a simple question: Why are the NK cells in many people not functioning and why their immune systems so exhausted?

There are several reasons including bad food, poor nutrition, and adequate intake of antioxidant-rich vegetables. We can also factor in an intoxicated body, pollution, as well as oxidative stress that may promote inflammation and impair your immune system's ability to fight infection. Indeed we can ask the same question concerning cancer and ask why cancer is still growing and killing people! While we say that Covid-19 killed so far 2.6 million people worldwide, what about cancer with 12 million deaths worldwide? Yet this statistic seems to be normal for our medical community. We have reason to believe that today we have exhausted our immune system, especially our NK cells. This is probably caused by our lifestyle choices, bad food, industrial food, excess stress, pollution, excess intake of pharmaceutical drugs. Thus we endure the increase of cancer disease and now our current pandemic. In a recent article published in the September 2020 Scientist, "The Immune Hallmarks of COVI-19", the question is raised is why some people die, while others recover? This is thought to depend in a large part on the condition of the human immune response, which spirals out of control from severe disease. The author also mentions that NK cells are also altered in chronic Covi-19 cases, compared to non-severe cases as per recent Swedish research. So again the immune system is a central part of our protection against a pandemic, especially considering the NK cell function.

I recently read an excellent article (2) that NK cells activate and function in the control of viral infections. This will help develop new NK Cell-based Therapies. Therefore this is not only a single opinion of Geer Vanden Bossche Ph.D., the vaccine specialist, but he is joined by a growing number coming into view combating with more efficacy with no side effects or death from Covi-19. Or consider we even have much fewer infected people.

Why Natural Killer Cells?

One good reason is that NK cells can directly recognize and destroy cancer cells or virus-infected cells without prior antigen exposure. This is why they are called Natural Killer cells. Scientists always thought that all immune cells need antibodies to recognize intruders including T-B cells and NK cells. For instance, the Pfizer vaccine which is more of a gene therapy injects a small piece of the virus, the spike protein. Then the mRNA will then produce the harmful protein that supposedly activates T cells and B cells to kill the virus, further keeping in memory in case of another infection. One team from the medical school at Harvard University, Boston has demonstrated that Natural Killer cells have their unique memory and can recognize the intruder. N.K cells can send a response specifically against an antigen that they already have encountered, thus NK cells are participating in the strategy of the adaptive immune response which gives more opportunity to combat with efficacy and rapidly the enemy. Therefore either we have a new way to protect ourselves from the Covi-19 which could be an important discovery or to improve the result of the vaccine by killing viruses with more efficacies, avoiding the risk of any future consequences. Another advantage of NK cells is they produce various cytokines such IFN-y, TNFa, IL2, IL3, IL12, etc.... to stimulate other immune cells such as dendritic cells, macrophages, and T-cells, to generate a better immune response.


A New Natural Compound as Protection against Covi-19

Figure 6: The RBAC Manufacturing Process

A natural compound supported by important scientific documentation and clinical research is known as Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound (RBAC) developed from modified rice bran by Daiwa Japan. RBAC is using as its main source material water-soluble dietary fibers, hemicellulose B, extracted from rice bran which contains as its principal ingredient arabinoxylan, cultivated on mycelia of shitake mushroom to cut the large molecule. As a result, the compound is quickly absorbed by the body to quickly stimulate the immune cells and principally the NK cells. A large number of researchers in Japan and include from Universities from other countries are engaged in studies that investigate the effects of RBAC as a Biological Response Modifiers. RBAC and how it functions as an anticancer agent and how it can activate NK cells are supported by an impressive amount of literature. RBAC is a very strong activator of NK cells besides activating other immune cells such as T-B cells, macrophage, and dendritic cells. RBAC activates NK cells by 310% as early as in one week by taking 3 gr of RBAC per day.

For more detail see my new book, "Cancer Treatment Breakthrough - Immuno-Oncology using Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound", which provides a full description of the immune system with a special chapter explaining the function of NK cells and how they rapidly destroy cancer cells or infected cells using RBAC in clinical applications. The book further offers information about the importance of the microbiome associated with the immune system and the list of the important strains of bacteria to be included in various probiotic formulations sold on the market.

Natural Killer Cells in new Weapon against the SARS-Covi-2

Figure 7: RBAC Increases NK Cell Activity

Now we may understand that NK cells may be a new weapon to combat Covid-19 probably in the early stage of infection and important as a protection against the SARS-Covi-2. Some recent

Information even from health authorities have shown that the vaccine is far from being effective protection against the virus because even if it protects vaccinated persons it still doesn't protect from infecting other people. In some studies concerning the vaccine against flu, it has been shown that aged persons with a weak immune system have little or no result from the vaccine since their immune response is very slow to respond. Again if you have a good immune system no matter the age you probably do not need vaccination against flu but you do need to be healthier. I believe that today medicine has totally lost the notion of what a healthy person means, in comparison with an unhealthy person and therefore vaccination is the answer for doctors against flu. For instance with today a large campaign of publicity.

Therefore the use of RBAC as protection or taking before the vaccine can increase the response since also RBAC can kill infected cells by virus. It may be important that even if at the moment the vaccine remains as the main defence against Covi-19 increasing NK cells activity may have several advantages as protection, in case of early infection and combined with other compounds may avoid hospitalization.

Figure 8

RBAC can work in synergy with other compounds as described in the following figure. It includes (1) Vitamin D, which exhibits anti-inflammatory, anti-viral properties, preventing the invasion of coronavirus, (2) regulates the immune function and activates NK cells. (3) Now to the opposite, vitamin D deficiency correlates with a reduced number of Natural Killer cells. (4) Patients hospitalized with emergency and serious respiratory problems have an extremely deficient level of Vitamin D.

Figure 9

According to a statement published in March 2021 in the Spanish journal of Geriatrics and Gerontology, 80% of 200 patients with Covi 19 hospitalization have vitamin D deficiency. In December 2020 an open letter was sent to the world governments signed by a wealth of health, science, and medical experts from the UK, USA, and other European countries calling for immediate widespread increased Vitamin D intake to 4.000 Int. units per day as protection against Covi-19. Now it seems that Rice Bran Arabinoxylan can work in synergy with Vitamin D since it has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory properties while both stimulate the immune function and NK cells. This is why in my figure Protection against Covid-19, I have included RBAC because of its synergistic effect. Vitamin D deficiency correlates with a reduced number of NK cells while Covid-19 patients have a lower number and activity of NK cells. As I have mentioned about the importance of the microbiome to shape our immune response I believe it is important to give more attention to our diet and maybe include some good probiotics first as a way to protect and in case of combating disease.

In my book, I recommend the combination of RBAC + probiotics to even further increase the immune system response. One other piece of advice and especially for the ones who want to be vaccinated is to take the product called Nato-NKCP made from fermented soya beans containing proteolytic enzymes secreted by the Bacillus Subtilis var. This product was first widely used in Japan for health purposes. Nato-NKCP is recommended against blood coagulation which we recognize as one of the problematic side effects with the vaccine leading to brain stroke. Nato-NKCP is good to prevent heart disease and brain stroke. Nato-NKCP is not only effective against thrombosis but can also dissolve blood coagulation and in general, it helps to maintain good circulation. This is excellent for elderly people or even that middle aged against thrombus, brain stroke, etc. You may take 2 to 4 tablets per day after one meal but better 2 tablets before being advised by a doctor. The product known as Nattokinase is manufactured in Japan by Daiwa.

If nobody knows for certain if people will be protected forever from the Covi-19 by vaccination, which up to now remains uncertain. In fact, despite all vaccination, we have not finished with infection and epidemics because our body is more deteriorated than ever from our

bad lifestyle, bad food intake, and an excess of antibiotics that destroy our microbiome, Now and I understand we are facing a tragic situation with this pandemic but we forget that cancer is still killing millions of people around the world and so many people remain at risk. So we will have to learn how to protect ourselves, and already at this moment thousands of people are conscientious about and start to take themselves several vitamins and supplements while it should be the duty of medical doctors to advise to their patients how they can protect themselves. Unfortunately, the medical system is developed to treat disease and not to prevent disease. Medical doctors have learned about the disease and this is why they do not know what health is. So with the pandemic, they make no difference about non-healthy and healthy people, therefore, the whole planet has to be vaccinated even if it is wrong.

Many people are living with certain lifestyle principles and close to nature, eat organic food and try not to take medications when unnecessary while thousands of people are still septic about any vaccination and more the one against Covi-19. We should respect all the opinions of these people because they will search for some alternative and we have a good program of protection or at least to minimize the eventual consequence of this vaccination. We know that good nutrition is one important step to keep away from disease and it includes cancer but also after some reluctance concerning what nutrition can do to help against Covi-19 at least now in a publication of 2021 Researchers have highlighted nutrition as a possible factor influencing the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine, as recent news establishes a link between vitamin D levels as I explained and adequate immune response. So a good supply of vitamins and minerals throughout natural food is strongly suggested but we also can take Vitamin D supplementation. I believe that our dietary style in the western world is today mostly based on industrial and fast food; microwave cooking is most responsible for our poor health condition and the number of chronic and degenerative diseases that oppress our society. So we have to change and learn and be more responsible for our diet or food style as a good strategy to lower or prevent the risks associate with this pandemic but especially in case of future infection. While at the same time cancer continues to increase mortality and again it is about the same factors associated with our food diet, pollution, Oxidative stress, chemicals in our food, and of course an exhausted immune system. We have to learn how to compensate for our deficient food system with several supplements as already explain to protect ourselves from disease and infection.

Additional advice and rules of lifestyle include

  • Exercise
  • Less stress
  • Walking in forest
  • Healthy food (balance your PH. acid/alkaline)
  • Away from pollution (is possible)

(1) Elena Masseli et al. NK cells. A double-edged sword against SARS-Cov-2. Adv. Biol. Regul. 2020. August 8

(2) Joshua D. Brandstdter and Yiping Y and Natural Killer Cell Response to Viral Infection. Journal. Innate. Immun. AP 3 (3) 274- 279. 12 March-2011.

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(4) Alice G Vassilou et al. Vitamin D deficiency correlates with a reduced number of Natural Killer Cells in intensive care units (ICU) and non-ICU patients with Covid-19 pneumonia. Hellenic J. Cardiol 2020. Dec 9

RBAC is available in Europe and sold as ImunoBran MGN-3.

Figure 10: Cancer Treatment Breakthrough

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